MIRA-35 Cloud Radar

METEK GmbH, Meteorologische Messtechnik

MIRA-35 is a Ka-band radar with a  powerful magnetron transmitter and a high sensitivity allowing to detect clouds and fog. It operates at 35.1 GHz corresponding to a wavelength of  8.54 mm.  The former MIRA-36 cloud radar was operating at 35.5 GHz.

System Description

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Quicklook Images (On-line and archived data)

Cloud Scanner MIRA-35

Scanning MIRA-35 mounted on an enclosed trailer. 

Screen shot of the DataClient

Data Client (quick-look) while making RHI sector scans. Top left: Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of co- and cross-channel; Bottom left: Color coded plot showing the co-channel SNR of the most recent 40 s. Middle: un-averaged spectra from one selected range gate (150 m); Right: Linear De-polarization Ratio (LDR).

Vertically pointing cloud radar mounted in an outdoor enclosure

Vertically pointing cloud radar mounted in an outdoor enclosure. The radar components including radar PC and UPS are mounted in a 19" rack.