Vertically viewing cloud radar trailer at NASA GRC

Vertically viewing system at the Atlanic coast cooled by air-air heat exchangers

RF-Envelope of magnetron pulse (blue)

Robust version of the clutter fence

System in Ireland after the clutter fence was added

Inside of a trailer with a vertically viewing MIRA-36

Some quick looks as provided by the Data Client

Some screen shots of the Control Client

Some plots produced with the IDL software. At 22:00 UTC strong rain causing attenuation even at 35.5 GHz.

Scanner trailer at METEK

Scanner with transmitter, receiver, and PC, but without air conditioning

Scanner trailer with clutter fence (yet un-painted)

Scanner trailer during antenna tests on the former heliport in Itzehoe

Crows on the cloud scanner trailer in Juelich

First fog measurements: the beam was scanned once per hour between elevations of 14° and 90° (vertically)

Radial velocities during PPI-scans with an elevation of 70°

Scanner on the telescope dish

MIRA-36 mounted at the Schneefernerhaus on the mountain Zugspitze, Germany

MIRA-36 on the mountain Zugspitze with clutter fence

Warm front at Mace Head, Ireland

Some quick looks during RHI and PPI scans

DWD (Germany weather service) MIRA-36 with 2 m antenna

DWD (German weather service) MIRA-36 with a 2 m antenna

Scanner trailer in Sodankylä, Finland