Vertically viewing cloud radar trailer at NASA GRC

Vertically viewing system at the Atlanic coast cooled by air-air heat exchangers.

RF-Envelope of magnetron pulse (blue)

Robust version of the clutter fence

System in Ireland after the clutter fence was added.

Inside of a trailer with a vertically viewing MIRA-36

Some Quick Looks as provided by the Data Client

Some screen shots of the Control Client

Some plots produced with the IDL software. At 22:00 UTC strong rain causing attanuation even at 35.5 GHz.

Scanner Trailer at METEK

Scanner with Transmitter, Receiver, and PC, but without Air Conditioning

Scanner Trailer with clutter fence (yet un-painted)

Scanner trailer during antenna tests on the former heliport in Itzehoe.

Crows on the Cloud Scanner Trailer in Juelich

First fog measurements. The beam was scanned once per hour between elevations of 14° and 90 (vertically).

Radial velocities during PPI-scans with an Elevation of 70°.

Scanner on the telescope dish.

MIRA-36 mounted in the Schneefernerhaus on the Zugspitz-Mountain

MIRA-36 on the Zugspitze with clutter fence

Warm front

Some quick loocks during RHI and PPI scans.

DWD MIRA-36 with 2 m Antenna

DWD system with a 2 m Antenna

Scanner trailer in Sudankylä.